Monday, June 29, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Follow Elvis?

WARNING: Please do not read if you are easily offended!

One of my favorite movies was Men in Black. When Kay was indoctrinating young Jay on who was an alien and who wasn't. One of the lines in the movie went Jay: "You do know Elvis is dead, right?" Then Kay, with a straight face, says "No, Elvis is not dead. He just went home."

Well according to the All News Web site, there was an unidentified flying object over the neverland ranch after Michael Jackson's death.

On March 5th 2009, Michael Jackson gave his final news conference. During this conference Michael told his fans "This is it... and when I say this is it, this will be it". Could he be giving a hint to his fans? Did he know that he was actually going to go back to his home planet? Could he and Elvis be actually from the same planet? I don't know, there is just a lot of coincidences! After all, you know what they say... "Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!"

All, I'm sorry if I offended anyone! I was just highlighting what Conspirators will be saying years later.... Michael Jackson was an alien. I know this is not true... This is just a sad, sad story of a great performer and his crash from the height of superstar status to carnival freak show. I was not a Michael Jackson fan, but it is sad to see anyone go through what Michael has endured over the last few years.