Monday, January 5, 2009

Rants from a MAD Pelican… Episode 1. Begin with the End!

We have lived through the year 2000 scare.  We also tolerated the May 5th 2000 (planetary alignment hysterics).  Not to mention the Nostradamus “end of the world” predictions.  It seems like every time we turn our head there is another gloom and doom prediction.  Now is no different! 


Presenting …. From the makers of the Nostradamus year 2000, planetary alignment/planetary pole shifting, comes The End of the World Part Deux. … This time, it is going to happen! (in 2012 December 21st to be exact).

(a little scripting joke – if you don’t understand it, I’ll explain it some time).


It is hilarious to listen to the same crazies that are either genuinely afraid or are trying to sell you something, describe these events.  Here is a clip from Fox’s Geraldo Rivera show.   These guys are actually quite sad!  What happens IF the world does come to an end?  Can you tell me “I told you so!”?  If the world does come to an end, THAT will be the ONLY thing I dread!  Oh, wait, IF the world DOES come to an end, and I’m on the world when it comes to an end, doesn’t that mean I will come to an end?  So, in the immortal words of Rosanne Roseannadanna – “Never Mind!”.


If you want to read some more about the 2012 Dooms day prophecy, here are some links:


Or, if you have better things to do, I will definitely understand!!! 


So ends this version of the show!


So say we all!


Till next time, Rant at you later!


Pelican Joe.


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Welcome to Rants from a Mad Pelican! -- the Blog

This is where I rant about anything I want.  You may ask who I am.  Aren’t we all asking that question?  

I go by the handle Pelican Joe.  

Then you may ask why Pelican Joe?  Is there something wrong with your nose?  

Well, no.  There is nothing wrong with my nose!  I got the handle originally on a kayaking website.  My kayaks are made by Pelican International.  So, I’ve used this handle for a while. 

 Continuing on with the questions, you may inquire what makes you a Mad Pelican?  Are you angry?  Enraged?  Mentally disturbed?  Affected with rabies?  

No.  Not any of that.  ...Even though, it really depends on the day.  Mad is actually an acronym I use to stands for 

Middle Age Dad.


So, you may be saying to yourself "Is this show is about the ranting of a middle aged father named Joe that has kayaks made by Pelican International?"  Then I would have to say, you are mighty astute (or, I might say talking to yourself is a sure sign of insanity!)!

Now, before you turn me off, saying “I really don’t care about a middle aged dad!”.  Let me say that I will try to keep the show and this blog  a little off-balanced.