Saturday, September 4, 2010

Job's never done -- Saturday Centus

Hi Ho Ranters!

Yes, I know I said I wouldn't do this. But, my wife told me about this week's prompt and I couldn't resist....

So, here is the promo:

This is part of Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.

Here is the story:

Zebidiah checked the hen house one more time. He knew that it was the middle of summer and the storms blew with the fury of God. He would lose more chickens if they were not shut in for the night. The horses were fed and stabled. Zeb thought how much better the horses had it than anything on the ranch …even he and his bride of 30 years! These were the evening chores and they had to be done night after night… including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays! After all, it was a dark and stormy night and a poor rancher must always be prepared for the worst.