Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to Rants from a Mad Pelican! -- the Blog

This is where I rant about anything I want.  You may ask who I am.  Aren’t we all asking that question?  

I go by the handle Pelican Joe.  

Then you may ask why Pelican Joe?  Is there something wrong with your nose?  

Well, no.  There is nothing wrong with my nose!  I got the handle originally on a kayaking website.  My kayaks are made by Pelican International.  So, I’ve used this handle for a while. 

 Continuing on with the questions, you may inquire what makes you a Mad Pelican?  Are you angry?  Enraged?  Mentally disturbed?  Affected with rabies?  

No.  Not any of that.  ...Even though, it really depends on the day.  Mad is actually an acronym I use to stands for 

Middle Age Dad.


So, you may be saying to yourself "Is this show is about the ranting of a middle aged father named Joe that has kayaks made by Pelican International?"  Then I would have to say, you are mighty astute (or, I might say talking to yourself is a sure sign of insanity!)!

Now, before you turn me off, saying “I really don’t care about a middle aged dad!”.  Let me say that I will try to keep the show and this blog  a little off-balanced.  

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