Saturday, June 27, 2009

Out of Work in Charlotte!!!

Well, yesterday was my last day at the bank formerly known as Wachovia! It was sad to say goodbye. I've been there for 3 and 1/2 years and have a lot of friends there. I've got an interview at the other bank in town, but if that falls through, I have no real prospects. It really hasn't sunk in that I'm not going back to work on Monday. I've got a telephone interview on Tuesday and a face to face interview on Wednesday.

There is no real rant here, just I would like to discuss appreciations. People don't appreciate things until they are gone. Why is that? I heard other people complaining that they were laid off and only had x amount of months severance. I was on a contract base there, so I did not get a severence. If those people who are being laid off with a generous severence could take a clue, please know that there are people in worse shape than you. QUIT SAYING POOR ME!!!! What about those people being laid off from minimum wage jobs? I think we need to be truely thankful for what we have and as many people have said -- One door closes while another one opens. If you are crying about your situation, LOOK AROUND, you are not as bad off as some!!!


  1. Oh, quit blogging and get a job! (love you!)

  2. The really funny thing was when my administrative manager walked me to the door he asked me if I was going to take some time off and go on vacation... Hello!!! No paycheck! No money coming in! Does this guy have a clue? I'm sorry to say, I don't think so. Not until it affects him (which I think they do need to get rid of some of the administrative managers!)! See, I can even rant in my comments!!!