Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life's a beach!

Hi ho Ranters,

Pelican Joe and family has visited one of the Carolina's many beaches. I won't mention where we stayed. My wife did not want me to speak ill of them (I think she feels sorry for them).

The place we stayed at had the feel of a well-used hunting lodge, where a place to stay was secondary to the location. Well, in true Pelican Rant fashion, here are the good and bad of our mini-vacation.

The good:

  1. Right on the beach
  2. Neighbors were fairly quiet and sociable
  3. Dog friendly
  4. The on-sight managers were very responsive
  5. Not only on the beach, but had a pool and a balcony overlooking both the pool and the beach
  6. Close to the local boardwalk and carnival
  7. The dog traveled well and was well-behaved
  8. The ocean waves were 3-5 feet and fun on a boogie board

The bad:

  1. Room was dirty, smelly, moldy and all of the other ee's that you can think of.
  2. Landlord stated that the apartment had a small two burner stove (turned out to be a two burner hot-plate).
  3. One sink did not have cold water
  4. On the website, it said it had free WIFI. Well, it was one DSL wireless router in the manager's office. The connection was spotty at best and I think the internet pipe was very small (say around 768kps).
  5. Parking was off-site.
  6. Air-conditioners were old window units (very noisy)
  7. Had cockroaches and wasps in our unit (dead ones now)!
  8. Battery was missing from the smoke detector
  9. EVERYONE staying there chained smoked!
  10. The lodging was pet friendly, the beach was not.
Lesson learned:

Next vacation, the dog goes to a kennel, and we stay at a much nicer place! This way, everyone has a more pleasant respite.

All in all, it was a fun vacation! We ate at some unusual restaurants and consumed local cuisine.

Pelican Joe Quote:

Ocean Beaches would be more fun if they removed the sand, removed the salt, and removed the dangerous sea creatures! Wait, BP is doing that last thing!

Till next time Ranters!

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