Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!


A couple of fun facts. According to Dr. Pete Peterson, President Obama on November 27th 2009 will announce on national TV information about Alien (I should say extraterrestrial) Contact and what the US knows about these Aliens. Meanwhile Acorn is desperately trying to get them registered for the 2012 election!

According to Dr. Richard Hoagland, NASA bombed the moon to get rid of an alien base. You should actually read some of Dr. Hoagland's accusations. They are very well constructed and backed up by his version of science.

I was on one youtube video site that was announcing full disclosure of extraterrestrials on November 27th. I added the comment that it will not happen. Another comment came up in minutes that stated it will happen and that they are airing a new television series called "V" to prepare us for this knowledge. As a big Sci-fi buff, I can tell you that what "V" taught me was:

1) Aliens are lizards that eat people
2) Aliens lie
3) Aliens are pretty political

Yep, that is going to make me go into an alien disclosure open minded!

Until next time ranters,

Live long and prosper! err, correction... Live to 2012 and prosper.


  1. I like your commentary on Acorn! Too funny!

  2. Wow! I doubled my followership! ...and still haven't gone outside my immediate family!