Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quackery! Pure Quackery!

Hi ho Ranters!

Question: Why don't ducks fly upside down?

Answer: Because they would Quack-up!

Well, what does that joke have to do with today's post? If you ask Richard Hoagland, he will probably give you an answer like "In fact using the Hyper dimensional physics model, they do fly upside down. It is only because of the secret organizations within our own government that make us see the ducks fly what you call - normally."

I know what you're saying... "again with the Hoagland bashing? Don't you ever get tired of bashing him?" No!

In the early days of Hoagland's dive into the unknown, he was a respected former museum space science Curator; a former NASA Consultant; and, during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News1. In short, he was credible.

Now, Hoagland believes aliens lived on the Moon and Mars. He believes NASA crashed the rocket into the moon to see how much underground structures exist (taking seismic measurements from equipment left by the Apollo astronauts). He even asserts that NASA accidentally shows part of the structure in the infra-red video taken before the crash. Take a look at the photo. If you can see a structure, then you may have a future in NASA Conspiracies. Here is a link to the photos 1, 2. Here is a link to his theory.

What makes Hoagland dangerous is that to a casual by-stander, he appears credible. His pseudo-science has never been peer-reviewed and his claims are getting more and more on the fringe.

Maybe I'm looking at this in the wrong way. Maybe I should be joining him instead of criticizing! Maybe, I can come up with half-baked theories using my brand of physics called "Tetra-Dimensional Uber Quantum Physics" where I assert that we are not living on a planet, but on a microscopic piece of dust, floating in trans-dimensional space! Oops, a famous Doctor has already made that assertion... I think his last name was Seuss.

Until later Ranters! Remember, only 16 more days until the President of the United States reveals the existence of extraterrestrial aliens!


  1. Is this the "change" we were promised?

    I want my money back!!!

  2. No, "Change" is all that's left of your money!