Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi ho Ranters!

Well, I received the dog shock collar in the mail on Saturday. For those interested, here is the link to the collar I ordered. I ordered the collar because my son was physically drug by our dog and we needed an effective method of curing that behavior.

Anyways, we put the collar on the dog and first sign of deviant behavior, the wife presses the shock button and calls "heel". Nothing happens, so she turns up the power setting from two to three. Next time the dog pulls on the leash, the wife calls "heel" again and presses the zapper and again nothing happens. So eventually, she gets the setting up to 6 then realizes that she was not holding the zapper button down long enough. So, she presses and holds the button and the dog yelps and jumps. But, then she did what she was told! My wife immediately turned it back down to 2 where it was much more tolerable, but still annoying and the dog was doing well. A few more times and we can probably turn over the controls to my son (evil laugh placed here).

The only thing I would question about the shock collar was that it had a positive button. What's that for? You are supposed to get your dog positively attune to this sound? It's like pressing the tone and the dog realizes, you could have zapped it instead?

Oh well, the collar got a lot of positive feedback on Amazon. Hopefully it will work out for the long term.

Until next time Ranters!


  1. LOL! I posted about this, too! The only thing was I did not realize I wasn't holding the button down long enough until AFTER I did so on level 6!

  2. Maybe the "positive button" is the equivalent of counting to children.


    Don't make me push the OTHER button!

  3. I really hope the collar works out for you and Daisy. We had an aggressive dog a few years ago. She hadn't bitten the children yet but it was clear the day was coming. My brother warned us about another family whose child has his face disfigured from the family dog. It meant years of surgery for that boy. We were scared enough that we took the dog for aggressiveness training but nothing seemed to work. Looking back, I don't think we had the best trainer. There are a few dog trainers on television now and their methods seem to work much better than our trainer's. I still feel guilty because we had to take our dog to the human society in the end. Hopefully, she found a new and more suitable home. But as you know, the kids must always come first.

  4. I meant to say Humane Society. (Human Society - hee hee)

  5. I have an award for you! Please stop by my blog to pick it up! You don't have to feel obligated to pass it along or anything. I just wanted to say to you and your family that I'm glad you had an angel on your shoulder!!!